Saturday, 16 April 2016

Skiffs, Sgoths and Schooners

There's boats getting ready for the season and particularly the Sail Stornoway Festival all round the place. Newly repainted Skiffs in the boat-shed. A Sgoth there too along with another [Jubilee] on the harbourside awaiting a coat of paint stuff. There are more in the marina too. Sgoth mad here I can tell you. There'll be a chance to have a sail in one at the Sail Stornoway Festival in July.

And schooners. Ok, so this below isn't a schooner but yacht hasn't the alliteration possibility of schooner. But I'm sure you get the idea. With lift in day not too far away, peeps are out playing with their bottoms to make them ready for the water.
Does that make sense?

Put the Sail Stornoway Festival July 13 - 17 in your diary for 2016.

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